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Meet the app-driven revolution (1:00)

Designed for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Lumen is an enterprise technology platform that enables companies to capitalize on emerging applications that power the 4th Industrial Revolution. Most IT leaders don’t feel ready to face the nearly century’s worth of data-driven innovation they expect in the next five years. Read the full research report to find out how your peers plan to prepare

The all-in-one platform that powers your next move

Lumen is the fastest, most secure platform for next-gen business applications and data. Our platform integrates global network infrastructure, cloud connectivity, edge computing, connected security, voice, collaboration and enterprise-class services into an advanced application architecture.

Transforming industries across the globe

Retail (1:34) 

Corner markets offering grab-and-go shopping. Amazing AR and VR engagements. Shelves that restock automatically. Lumen is enabling the future of retail technology.

Healthcare (1:52) 

Remote, robotic surgery performed from 1,000 miles away. Doctors making virtual house calls. VR and AR surgical training in rural hospitals. Lumen powers emerging technologies to deliver healthcare virtually anywhere.

Manufacturing (1:35) 

Soon any product you can think of will be made better, safer and cleaner, in intelligent factories located everywhere. Lumen is the platform built for 4IR advances in smart manufacturing.

Smart Cities (1:46)

From parking spots that look for you, to traffic lights that stop air pollution, see how smart cities are getting smarter every day.

Boost innovation.
Accelerate business.

Accelerate innovation

Accelerate innovation

Rapidly develop and launch new products and services with Edge Computing designed to deliver 5ms or better latency via 100+ edge market nodes.

Enhance growth

Expand your business and revenue growth opportunities by deploying emerging apps over ~450K global route miles of fiber.

Strengthen security

Protect critical data with automated threat detection and response that actively monitors 28,000 C2s/day and eliminates 63 C2s/month.

Delivering high-performance connectivity for real-time cloud applications and commerce. (0:30)

Powering scalable collaboration, secure connections and amazing experiences. (0:30)

Next-gen apps need next-gen architecture

Harnessing the full potential of emerging technologies will require a revolutionary type of application architecture that moves data and workloads closer to digital interactions, enabling faster data processing and more efficient real-time applications.

Adaptive Networking

Adaptive Networking

Scalable, high-performance solutions and global cloud connections that can turn up bandwidth 318% on demand to drive business agility and extend your reach.1

Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Distributed compute solutions that prioritize data-intensive workloads where they're processed using 100+ edge market nodes designed for 5ms or better latency.

Connected Security

Connected Security

Real-time threat intelligence and proactive app and data defense that can reduce mean-time-to-detect and resolve for DDoS attacks by 75%.2



Integrated voice, video and web solutions designed to support digital transformation and improve team productivity by 29%.3

The Lumen Platform is designed specifically for the latency-sensitive, data-intensive needs of next-gen applications and emerging technologies that will revolutionize all industries."

Shaun Andrews, Chief Marketing Officer

Video (2:47)

A company born of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Every company is adapting and adjusting to compete in the realities of this digital world. But there is one company that was actually born of this world, and created to help other companies thrive in it.

Lumen has made it our purpose to empower human progress through technology by reimagining how applications are delivered. And with our all-in-one platform, we have the foundational architecture capable of enabling the amazing experiences promised in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

See why our mission, values and leadership make us a trusted partner in delivering the scale, services and expertise you need to drive real results.

1IDC, CenturyLink Adaptive Networking Solutions Enable Enterprise Customers to Optimize Network Costs and Performance, March 2020.

2Forrester, The Total Economic Impact Study of CenturyLink DDoS Mitigation Service, April 2020

3Nemertes, Employee, Customer Experience Transformations Deliver Measurable Value, Q3 2020.